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The Thin Line Between Friendship

For me this idea has always come from the popular show of Merlin'
when I first watched this show, when I was younger, I became transfixed on the relationship between Arthur the worrier, and his best friend, Merlin his manservant. As  I followed them through the years and they grew up together, I fell in love with them even more. so in celebration of series 5 airing I wanted to capture that in this piece.

Here Is One Of My First M/M Stories.
I am only uploading a few chapters and see how it is received:

He’s asked me to write this.
 I didn’t want too this isn’t us.
We don’t wont to dwell on the past.
We look to the future and see what the world has become.
I do understand though.
He wants a record so that people understand what we went through to build the peace that has settled.
 He thinks that I did it all but if it wasn’t for him, then these pages would be red with blood.
It’s hard to think back to when it all began, but I will do this for him as his last request!

Chapter 1

I concentrated hard as the words flowed through my mind; painting images I longed to see and could only dream off. The library was hushed and still and I could delve deep into my subconscious and find mermaids, dragons and heroes, I missed the sites of these creatures. The stillness was broken by the sound of loud crack.
Magic? No it couldn’t be. Someone wouldn’t be stupid enough to do it in a library full of people, unless of course, they wanted to get themselves killed. I looked up and wandered if I should help my kin. I shut my book and even though I told myself it was wrong and that I shouldn’t get involved, I went to investigate.
Of course it was him. Alistair James, who was the son of the first Areas Earl. He had one of the smaller first years and kept taunting him, while his friends held the poor boy in an iron grip.
I don’t know what made me say it, but the words that left my lips would change the world, and my destiny.
‘Leave him alone!’ I yelled. The men looked at me first with shock and then a menacing gleam bled into their eyes.
‘And why should we?’ One of the larger boys moved forward threateningly. His hand was raised in a fighting stance, but one look from their leader he immediately lowered his arms.
‘Who do you think you are?’
‘I said leave him alone… Prat.’
‘And what are you going to do if I don’t?’ I had never been a violent person, I hated people who took pleasure in violence, but the way this man gloated at the fact of hurting the boy made my magic boil in me like a burning caldron. Before I knew what I was doing I took a swing at Alistair. He blocked me easily and put my hands behind my back, and though I struggled I could not get loose.
‘Now who is the Prat’? He laughed, towering above me.
‘ I still think its still you, sire.
Before he could open his mouth for an augment that could have gone on for hours the Headmaster flew round the bookshelf calling, ‘Alistair, Mark and Kyle, what do you think you are doing?’ Then he spotted me. I had never seen eye to eye with the Headmaster; he had always taken a dislike to me. I think deep down he knew about my magic. Alistair still had me in a binding hold and the Headmaster leaned over me, sneering ‘I knew you would be involved Mr. Wild.’
Alistair, instead of pushing me at the Head teacher, stepped almost protectively in front of me and said, ‘Sorry sir, Conner and I were just practicing for the boxing match next week. We hoped to win the competition this time.’
All the hatred melted form the Headmasters face as he looked back at Alistair,
‘Of course it is, we don’t want to lose another one. Just next time, don’t do it in the Library.’ And with that he melted away again.
Why had Alliser protected me? I didn’t like it. It meant I owed him, and I didn’t want to owe him anything. As he looked back at me his face showed the confusion and distaste that I felt.
‘Happy are you?’ he sneered in my face
‘Don’t talk to me!’ I spat back and pulled my wrist out of his loosened grip, storming away. I suppose, looking back, I should have realised. We were entwined so of course he would have stepped in front of me, instinct was telling him to do so. At the time however I felt humiliated, and from that it turned into dislike and distrust. I avoided him, which wasn’t hard, as he was always swarmed with people who were laughing and talking to him about how rich and handsome he was. It made me sick, I was from the lowly Area 2 and this boy had things passed to him on a silver platter. I hated him and his disgusting father. As I stalked the grounds of the school, I thought about my parents, who I missed terribly. The world I lived in was broken up into two Areas. These Areas were the land divided into Magic and creativity, on the other Logic and facts. They used to live in peace with one another, perfect harmony. Two sides of the same coin, you couldn’t have one without the other. Area 1 thought highly of Area 2 and the Warlocks that lived there, and visa versa. People traveled from both sides to teach others what skills they learnt from each Area. However that all changed six years ago when CharKan came into power. She fed lies into the court and turned Area 1 against the Warlocks. She made them feel jealous and underappreciated, they began to trust these feelings, and that’s when the purge began. Area 1 in secret began to plot against the Warlocks and would have succeeded if it hadn’t been for the Great Dragon. He told of a prophecy, ‘were harmony would be destroyed and the world would be plunged into darkness. Until two brothers would come together and unite the land again. Both would come from the Gods to fulfill their destiny.’
Unfortunately there was a spy in their midst, who told this information to CharKan, she then led the purge herself killing thousands. Many fled in time and are rumored to be living in the deep forests of Area 2. My Mother and Father gave their lives to protect me and I will forever be grateful. To get away I was shipped off to boarding school in Area 1, I’ve been here for five years.
As the cold winters turned in to glorious summer, I still avoided Alistair with every turn I made. It was late one afternoon when I was walking back to house after class, when I saw Alistair alone walking towards me. I looked to see if I could hide anywhere, but we were on the valley’s bridge that connected the two sides of the school together. It was old and the Court was always talking about getting it fixed and rebuilt. Realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to hide away, I lifted my head high and began to stride towards him. A few last minuet students, like myself, brushed passed me talking about the upcoming exams. The day had been windy and black storm clouds rolled above us. A fiercely strong burst of wind blew through the forest below us and the trees moaned and cracked barley hanging on to the soil they were attached to. The gust travelled up the valley gathering momentum as it went. I felt the bridge sway and crack, I stopped gripping the wooden railing next to me, and others felt it to, and did the same. Most of the students were safely on the other side but I saw that Alistair was in the middle, the weakest part of the bridge. His eyes flashed up to mine before the railing gave way and he plummeted to the ground bellow.
‘No!’ I screamed with the rest of the pupils on the bridge. Before I knew what I was doing my hand lifted and my eyes turned gold. Alistair slowed and stopped in mid air. Everyone turned and looked at me, horror was etched on their faces, but I just concentrated on getting Alistair safely back to me. 
As he was gently placed on the steady ground on the other side of the bridge he went to get up and come towards me. However students clustered around him yelling,  ‘Get away From him Alistair… he’s a freak.’  Screams of terror and whispers of ‘Half Breed,’ found there way to me. Tears clouded my vision, what had I done? Everything was falling to pieces.
I looked at Alistair’s pale and horror stricken face, and then back to the angry mob that was advancing towards me. I began to back up quickly, my heart beating heavily in my mouth. My breaths became shallow and the eyes sought out the ones I couldn’t see. The crowd was making sure he was all right surrounding him, so I turned and fled. 

Chapter 2
What had I done? Everything I worked towards was finished! All because of one stupid man! My thoughts kept screaming at me as I ran back up to my dorm. I got out my rucksack from under the bed and emptied the contents onto the floor. I needed to leave, to get far away from here as possible. However I stopped, slowing down and began to think. They would come as soon as I fled, in there thousands. No, I needed to stay, to pretend that nothing had happened. My brain worked it out quickly; there were at the most ten students on the bridge so it would take a while for the accusation to reach the Headmaster and then an issue as big as Magic would go to the Court of Area 1. I would be taken to Court and executed, could I escape on the way? It’s my only chance, I though to myself. Why had I done it? I didn’t have an answer but it felt right, I couldn’t let an innocent man plummet to his death, even if he was a Prat and a royal one, I thought bitterly. But what would happen now what would I do?
I spent the night lying awake, tense, listing to all the sounds of the darkness. A squeak of a floor board as a mouse scuttled above my head would make my blood run cold, as imagined men in amour coming to take me away.

When it happened, it was sudden with no time to think or flee. I was walking back from class when I saw the Headmaster sweep around the corner, students flanking him. Then I looked behind him and my stomach dropped. Four guards outlined the students behind, walking in unison with one another, I knew instantly who they were, Hunters. They wore the same brand upon their chest as the people who killed my parents did. As they advanced towards me, time seemed to slow down. Should I use magic? But it was difficult, and I’d hardly been taught. I knew a few incantations that I had learnt from a book my father had given me, but nothing that could help now. The Hunters encircled me; hands restrain me, gripping my arms and shoulders too tight. The whole corridor had frozen, staring with excitement and fear. I look up at the Headmaster and was shocked to find his eyes filled with hate. I knew he disliked me, but I never realised how much Area 1 had been affected by Charkan’s poisons words.
“Conner Wild, do you admit to using an incantation last night on this victim over here?’ he spat at me while Alistair was lead out of the crowd by another Hunter. I looked in to Alistair’s eyes. Had he ratted me out after I saved his role ass? I expected to see hate and distrust in his eyes but there was only guilt. Guilt and a pride that never left those ice blue eyes of his. I said nothing but my eyes went back to the Headmaster’s sickly brown ones. A hand came up and slapped me hard across the face. To my disbelief I heard Alistair yell, ‘Don’t touch him.’
I felt blood trickle into my mouth but didn’t utter a sound, just kept my eyes fixed on the Headmasters, giving back the hatred I felt for him. I was lead away but I still had my dignity. I wrenched my arms out of the Hunter’s grip, and walked down the path the students had created for us with my held high. I wouldn’t be ashamed of my magical heritage, not anymore. It was a gift not a curse and people had just forgotten that vital piece of truth.

Chapter 3
How long had I been in this dark, damp, rat infested cell? A day? Two days? I didn’t know, I had seen no one from the minute they locked me in these chains and locked the door behind them. I tried using magic but they had it figured; as soon as I tried it felt like my body was burning until I stopped. I knew where I was going, Court, to be “asked” questions about my heritage and where the rest of my kind were. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I was scared. What happened if I broke, I couldn’t take the pain and I broke? NO, I would die before I let that happen. I would die after they were through with me. I would just be discarded, deemed useless and disgusting. Days passed with these thoughts haunting me, too weak for me to stop them. Lack of food and water was making me weak and I hated it. On day four everything changed. I had fallen into a numb kind of stupor but was rudely awakened by the sound of men yelling, and swords clashing. Light unexpectedly poured into the dark cell and I blinked rapidly. I was dazed; I can hardly remember anything now.
‘Conner, come on!’ That woke me up I recognized that voice. The chains were pried off my wrists and I was gently dragged to my feet.
‘Now run!’ my wrist was grabbed, I was pulled harshly, running through the under tunnels of the school that led to the outskirts of the city. Was this really happening? Was Alistair really helping me?
‘Why?’ I managed to gasp out.
‘Why what?’ he snapped back at me.
‘ Why are you helping me?’
‘Don’t get any ideas it’s just a life for a life.’
That’s all he said as we sped down the tunnels. My senses came back to me as did my magic, and I easily kept up with Alistair. I used magic to break down the door and we were free, running fast into the early rays of dawn. The forest was thick but I saw in the distance two horses waiting for us. We swung up easily onto them and galloped head long through the thick undergrowth, listening for the sound of the hunting horn that would follow us for months.
It was noon when I heard it. The sound pierced the silence and sent shivers down our spines; it was the eeriest noise we would ever hear. Then the howling started and we knew we were in trouble. I looked at Alistair and we said together,
‘Hell Hounds!’
Hell Hounds were dangerous; my kind and theirs had always feared them, as CharKan had control over them. That’s how the Earls of Area 2 realised she was pure evil. The Hell Hounds were drawn to her. Hell Hounds could easily smell magic from miles away.
‘Conner, they must really want you if their using Hell Hounds! Don’t use magic its how they track you!’
‘I know!’
I was beginning to panic, this was bad, this was really bad and I had no idea how to get out of it. 
‘Lets just keep moving, don’t stop!’ Alistair commanded. The horses were off, we rode for miles but the sound was always there, tailing us. That day I will never forget, we tried to stick to the woods to hide ourselves in the undergrowth, but we knew it would be useless, with Hell Hounds on our tail.
As darkness fell we had to stop. Neither of us wanted to, but we were blind in the darkness, I couldn’t use magic to light the way. As we both lay there listening for the sound that had followed us for days.
‘If they catch us…’
‘They wont,’ Alistair interrupted.
‘Let me finish. If they do… pretend that I forced you, blackmailed you even, to do this. They will probably kill me there and then, but you have a chance. Go back to school and forget about this, do you understand?’   
I looked at him and an emotion I didn’t recognize flitted in and out of his eyes before he gave a curt nod. 
‘Why did you come to Area 1 in the first place? You must have known this would happen?’ I looked back at him, deciding whether I should tell him or not. It was his fault if he hadn’t…. I stopped that thought. He had helped me and that’s all that mattered now. He had the right to know didn’t he? So I told him about how my father had tried to fight of the guards while my mother ran with me to the edge of the woods where a group of my family friends waited. My Mother was shot there in front of me but I couldn’t stop to say goodbye, I was dragged away as I heard my Fathers strangled cries. I hated Area 1 for what they did to my land; I hated your father for what he had let CharKan do. But Area 1 was the only place I could go to keep safe, I hid my magic went to a distant relative who looked after me and then sent me to that school. 
Alistair looked white and sickened, ‘I’m so sorry.’ He managed to chock out.
‘No your not, you’ve grown up with the fact that magic is evil and had it forced down your throat. How could you be sorry?’ My voice rouse, but I looked at him and realised what he had sacrificed. I said calmer, ‘I don’t understand why you saved me?’ 
‘As I said before, a life for a life, humph, you wouldn’t understand it’s a noble chivalrous thing to do.’
‘Yer because sons of Area 1’s Earls are all Nobel and Chivalrous.’
‘Maybe not all but I am!’ he said almost sounding hurt.
I chuckled as he turned over to fall asleep.
‘You’re a Prat, you know that right.’ I said as I turned over too.
There was a sound that could have been disgust or agreement.
‘Conner, Shut up,’ I could easily hear the smile in his voice though.

‘Wake up, however long I wish you could get your beauty sleep, you can’t, I hear them. They’re coming!’ Alistair frantically whispered to me, we packed up quickly and set off. Days passed like this, only managing to be an hour or so ahead of them, but we could feel them coming closer with each passing day until…
A storm was thundering above us and rain poured. The hunt was so close; we could hear the Hounds rounding us up.
‘We have to find a house.’ Alistair roared to me, ‘somewhere to get shelter.’
‘Where?’ We were on one side of a ravine and looking down, I saw the river bubbling and frothing like a dark caldron.
‘There is a stream down there.’ He pointed.  ‘We leave the horses and we jump, Conner we jump!’ I shook my head looking down again.
‘ Its this or them.’ He pointed behind us to the advancing hunt. I looked back at Alistair who had risked everything for me; I wouldn’t let him die for me now.
I took a deep breath and nodded. We dismounted and stood, looking down.
‘On the count of three! One… Two…Three,’ we leapt high and then plummeted. It felt like I was falling for miles, I tried to scream but no air could reach my lungs. Then I hit the freezing water and my body stiffened, just before I was swept away. I frantically kicked trying to find the surface, I didn’t know which way was up or down. Finally my arms broke through and I gasped for air. I looked round for Al. Where was he? Hadn’t he resurfaced? I sunk below again grabbing for any sign of him. Then I felt it, a piece of cloth brushed my fingertips. I sunk lower till I had my arms around his middle. He wasn’t going to leave me so soon. We broke the surface, and I tried to hang on to him, as the water tried to brake us apart. The bank was leveling, I could see just by the steepness of the bank that we had come far down stream. I saw a place where I could lift him to safety and began to kick recklessly over to it. 
I was tired and my head kept sinking under, however adrenaline was pushing me forward and I hoisted Alistair onto the bank. I clawed my way up to join him shivering and coughing harshly.
‘Al, wake up! I need you to wake up, Prat! Come one! Please.’ Tears were starting to sting my eyes but I wouldn’t let them fall. ‘I cant do this alone. Please.’
The incantation came to my lips before I could stop it, I didn’t even think about the Hell Hounds, I had to save Al.
His eyes fluttered and water gushed from his mouth. He coughed, hacking and wheezing but he was alive.
‘Thank the Gods. Al can you hear me?’
‘Yer. Are you alright?’  He whispered horsey.
I nodded, smiling
‘Get some rest, we can think after the storm has passed.’ I collapsed next to him and my eyes finally gave way to exhaustion. 

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