Sunday, 13 January 2013

We all need a little Merthur in our Lives don't we?

I know this post in late but I haven't had a chance to put into words how I felt about the end of Merlin.

This ending, I felt, ruined christmas for me, I was devastated with Arthur's death. I always thought Merlin would be the one to protect him but they had to stay with the legend I guess. However the second time i watched it (and properly because i was expecting this time,) i didn't think it was too devastatingly awful.

My friend showed me this amazing recincarnation FanFiction, and i don't really like that idea, but this was brilliant. Its called 'The Student Prince,' by FayJay and she is brilliant  I want to be able to write like that. Which is hopefully what I'll learn when I go to uni. 

Anyway what I really wanted to ask was how did everyone feel about the end? And could it have gone away from the legend like I expected it too. But maybe i just wanted to see more Bromance between Merlin and Arthur. 

I'll hopefully write to FayJay and ask if I can do a Fanfiction off her 'The Student Prince.' 

Thanks Guys 

MAY xxxxx 

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