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Javier and Karim

Javier and Karim 

I wrote another Fanfiction on this amazing series Called 'Lord Of The White Hell' By Ginn Hale. This book really captured my ideals in the fantasy world. I wrote this because I wanted to carry on the story after the second book, this is what I think should happen when Javier and Karim have been trying to escape for a few years. The four of them, being Nestor and Elezar as well, are finally together again until tradegy strikes.

This Picture is also from Deviant but its the only FanArt I could find and I Love it!

I also wrote this while listing to my iPod and think:
Eric Whitacre: Alleluia and
Voyage: Liquid Cinema
Belong with the feeling of this piece of writing. I really got swept away in this book and it kept me glued to the pages for days.

I hope you Enjoy this shot extract and please Comment If you can.



Lord Of The White Hell

They galloped hard and fast through the thick forest. Brambles clung to their clothes and sharp twigs dug into their flesh like nails, but they did not stop. Hooves thundered behind, them chasing them further in to the darkness that seemed to cling to their bodies begging them to give up, give in to the inevitable. Kiram rode Vilian, his horse, backwards using his brother’s arrows to try and slow down the advancing swarm of worriers.

He had to protect Javier at any cost; his life didn’t mean much without him anyway. Elezar and Nestor rode on either side of Javier’s horse. He still lay slumped over his mount, his limp form jostling this way and that in rhythm to the pounding of hooves. But Kiram knew Javier would live, and suddenly he realised, with a sense of dread, what he had to do to ensure that. He pulled his horse violently to a stop and faced the advancing worriers, as he heard his friends galloping ahead.
His heart hammered hard in his chest as he realised what was about to happen. He would lose Javier, no, Javier would lose him. As he fired arrow after arrow taking down many targets, targets not men, he felt the hard ring that rested against his chest. The cool metal band gave comfort to Kiram as he remembered the vows he had spoken in the little church in Yura. He had been so proud to stand by the man he loved, surrounded by his family. He felt huge gratitude as he remembered Javier insisting they tied the knot. Kiram’s family had finally accepted his other half, and for that he was grateful, as he would never be apart from Javier, even death could not stop them from being together.

‘Javier,’ Kiram whispered, as another enemy’s arrow lodged it’s self into his body. Sheer will and love for the man he had sworn to protect, now husband, was the only thing keeping Kiram upright. As the last of the worriers fell, so did Kiram. He heard Nestor calling to him, as his body slipped from his hoarse and landed heavily on the forest floor, limp. The sound of hooves shook the ground but Kiram barley felt it. Arms gripped him, calling his name, begging him to come back, but it was not the voice he craving to hear.  As he obediently peeled his eyes open, he saw Elezar holding him close.
‘You can’t die Kiram, Javier or Nestor will never forgive me.’
‘Look after both of them, they are treasured’ Kiram rasped.
‘Of course, but you are the one who need to be looked after Kiram, you saved us again. And I am so sorry this happened to both of you. Javier is a lucky man to have you by his side.’
‘I’m not going to be at his side, not anymore. Elezar you have to take my place by his side.’ Before he could finish Elezar was shaking his head.
‘I can never replace you. You’re married to him now. You are far more important to him than I ever could be, and that is the way it should always be.’
With a shaking hand Kiram gripped the wedding ring that hung around his neck, it was cool and comforting against his chest, which felt warm with blood. He tugged it hard with his remaining strength, the thin gold chain broke, he handed it too Elezar,
‘Give this too him. Protect Javier with everything you have, he must live, always.’ Kiram was breathing hard, but his breath was shot and shallow, he knew he was losing the battle. ‘You have to go now, more will follow the other fallen worriers, but I have given you time to escape. Now Run!’
Elezar looked stricken at the idea of leaving Kiram, but he had lost so many in this battle his heart had hardened. Although tears streamed down his face as he rested Kiram down on the now blood soaked ground, he managed to mount and join his best friend, Javier, and brother, Nestor.

Javier opened his heavy eyelids and sunlight pierced him. He groaned as the shape of Elezar face frowned down at him. Kiram instantly came into his mind, as he remembered his nightmare.
Before he could ask about Kiram, Elezar said, ‘How are you feeling?’
As Javier tentatively sat up he realized he felt better. The sickness that had gripped him for so long had lifted, finally. He noted Nestor did not come to join them, but stared into the distance, as he lent against an old Oak tree.
‘I’m Okay,’ He surveyed the campsite, it looked as though they had been there for a while. Sunlight filtered through the green canopy above, giving the clearing a feeling of beauty and peace. But down on the ground grief hang in the air, it clung to the two brothers like a black cloak, as the knowledge of a friend being lost weighed heavily on their shoulders. Javier searched for the light blue eyes that he had studies many times, but he become conscious that they were not there. Terror started to bubble up from the depths of his mind as he frantically searched. A flicker of red made Javier turn to Vilian, Kiram’s horse, who had just appeared in the clearing. His stomach sank, as he saw the once pure white horse, was covered in dark blood. 
As Javier scrambled to the horse he realised he was shaking. He turned, horrified to Elezar, and he saw how tear streaked and pale his face was.
‘What happened?’ Javier managed to choke out. ‘Where is Kiram?’
Elezar gulped as if to hold back a sob. However Nestor wasn’t so successful and a moan escaped his lips, as tears sliced his cheeks.
In an insistent the panic that had started to build seemed to consume him. Javier suddenly understood, Kiram had passed on to Shajdis.
‘No, no, no!’ But Javier knew it was true, hadn’t he felt it? Hadn’t he tried desperately to reach out for Kiram as he slipped through his fingers? Javier’s knees gave out from under him; he tumbled to the ground, as great heaving sobs escaped his lips. He had never cried, even at the discovery of the death of his mother and father.  He had felt numb, but tears and showing weakness in Cadelonia was not accepted. This time however he could not escape the gut wrenching pain that had held him in an icy grip.     

He suddenly got up as anger gripped him. He turned to Elezar and charged, gripping his shirt in both of his hands he shook him asking furiously,
‘How…’ He broke off, as another wave of grief hit him. ‘How could you let him go? How could you let him leave me!’ Javier yelled. Crows flew up into the bright blue sky spooked by the shattered peace. As Javier looked up he felt disgusted the world should be morning, the sun should never shine again, how could it when his own personal sun was hidden deep in the forest? Elezar dragging him to the floor as his knees gave up, breaking his thoughts.
‘I’m sorry; I’m so sorry Javier. I tried, I really did, but I had to get you to safety, Kiram begged me to protect you.’ Elezar sobbed next to him on his knees. Javier gripped the back of Elezar’s shirt shaking uncontrollably into his shoulder.
Finally Javier lay exhausted next to his best friend and whispered brokenly, ’Where is…. Is his body?’ he swallowed hard as tears threatened his already sore eyes.
‘Its not here, there wasn’t a chance to take it with us.’ Elezar said gruffly. Javier just nodded. He felt hallow and empty as though he had been split in two.
‘Kiram asked me to give you this,’ Elezar dug into his pocket and passed Javier Kiram’s wedding ring, the gold chain still hung to the ring. Javier held the chain and bought the ring to his lips, kissing the ring softly, as it sparkled in the sun. He shivered, and a look so haunting, that Elezar drew back, flashed across his face. Elezar had never felt the caress of true love, but seeing Javier’s grief; he understood the true meaning of soul mates. Javier stumbled away, until he was only a shadow in the setting sun. Elezar knew that for now it was right to leave Javier alone with the memories of Kiram, who had sacrificed everything for the man he loved.     

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