Tuesday, 4 March 2014


So As I promised i would write something on "The Song Of Achilles..." And I am so proud of this. Im become more and more fond of poetry as I explore the subject more in my degree.

Apollo, my love 
I wanted to keep you, 
I needed to hold you, 
Until mortality took me. 
I know you tried...
I watched you beg your father 
To just let me live,
tears pooling down your youthful face. 
How you wanted to be Zeus, 
with the power of life in your fingers, 
But beauty was always yours. 
You were mine for one precious summer,
yet we know Heroes never live to see the happy endings. 
There is no happy endings for the greats, 
And you were the greatest man I knew. 

Man Not God, 
As your mother desired. 
For eighteen strong years I was enough 
Until your pride destroyed me. 
The Golden armour 
that always kept you safe, 
was the death of me, my love.

Now come, 
Come and join me in eternal sleep, 
Feel my hands on your chest, 
Feel my tongue exploring yours, 
Let me love you like I once did,
When Great Troy was known 
and not a myth in the night, 
When our names where one 
And I was yours 
Under the protection of the Sun.      

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