Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Half Pass, Astrid Amara

  • Author: Astrid Amara 
  • Editions: Paperback and Ebook 
  • Published: Samhain Publishing 2011
  • M/M Contemporary Romance 

He looks good on a horse, but it's hard to love a man with a big ego and a small alibi.

Paul King's inheritance is named Serenity Stables, but for him it's far from serene. He has one plan for the crumbling facility: unload it as fast as possible. But two months on the market, and he's still mucking stalls and dreaming of his old life back in San Francisco.

It doesn't help that he seems to have misplaced a horse. Not just any horse—Tux, a million-dollar Warmblood who, despite lacking opposable thumbs, has an Olympic medal to its name. So does its Brazilian trainer, Estevan Souza, a man whose darkly sexual, smoldering glances almost make Paul forget his horse phobia.

Intriguing as Paul finds Estevan, distractions are piling up. The boarders are picky. The arena roof is leaking. His drunken cousin is wreaking havoc. Tux's owners are threatening to sue. On top of that, a bucket of blood points to possible murder.

Suddenly, Estevan's glances are looking more suspicious than sinful. And, if Paul can't come up with a plan to save Tux, he could lose not only his chance with Estevan, but his life.

I have always loved Astrid Amara's work, from The Archer's Heart to The Devil LancerI have adored her novels. However Half Pass was the first of her contemporaries I have read, and I was not disappointed. This book is crammed with gorgeous characters and plenty of will they wont they tension. And of course their are lots of HORSES! The mystery of this novel made me giggle. There is nothing better than nasty villains or three but don't worry no spoilers. This book is too good to think about spoiling it for you.  

Paul King, returns to his hometown Lyden, Washington after living in San Francisco for six years after his relationship disintegrates and he is fired from his job. His aunt Beth has died and Paul has inherited her stables. At first he intends to run it until he can find a new owner who he is happy with as Paul is petrified of horses, after a nasty accident years ago. Paul finds friendship with the horses and Estevan, the Brazilian trainer working at Serenity Stables and seems to find his place back in the town he grew up in. 

I liked the slow build of the relationship and how difficult it was for Estevan really showed throughout this novel. Astrid's love for horses really shon through this narrative as each one was well written with their own district characteristic. Overall an enjoyable narrative.

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