Monday, 1 September 2014

Iliad - From Patroclus' Point Of View

My Love
I wanted to keep you
I wanted to hold you
Until mortality took me.

Did you feel betrayed by mighty Zeus,
Who held mortality in his fingers?
Who watched me fall at the hands of Hector
And did nothing.

You told me once
That I was the exception.
You were the Hero
With the happy ever after.

But there are no happy endings for the great,
And you were the greatest man I knew.

Man not god
As your mother desired,
For eighteen strong years I was enough,
Until your pride destroyed me.

That golden armour
That always kept you safe,
The one I could see
Like the sun
Behind closed eyelids,
Was the death of me,
My Love.

Now come,
Come and join me in eternal sleep,
Feel my hands on your chest,
Feel my tongue exploring yours.

Let my love you like I once did,
When Troy was our home
We were together
And our stories were known.

When our names were one
And I was yours
Under the protection of the rising sun.

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