Monday, 21 April 2014

Robyn Hood and Guy Of Gisborn


So after finishing this incredible series, the Wode Series, I am once again blown away and haven't felt like this since reading The Song Of Achilles. These Novels by J. T Hennig have won Rainbow Award for Best LGBT Novel 1st Place (2013) and I can completely understand why. This novel which delves into the legend of Robyn Hood and his Wode looks at how before Guy of Gisborn became Robyn's enemy he was Gamelyn the Summerlord destined to be Robyn's lover.
This heart wrenching love affair is filled with tragedy as the two opposing sides fight to be together. You cannot help but want Gamelyn (Guy) to be with his Winter Knight (Robyn Hood) but there are many obstacles they must face in a world that sees Gamelyn as a sodomite. If you want to see the legend of Robyn Hood through different eyes this is the perfect book it turns everything that you thought you knew about this legend on its head in a perfect convincing way. 10/10 and I will not be forgetting this novel anytime soon.  

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