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Thursday, 31 January 2013


I wanted To Put This Amazing Picture In The Last Post But As I can't Here Will Have To Do.

This Picture Makes Me think Of How Arthur Would Feel After Losing His Best Friend After The Events At Camlann.

Its Not Mine But From The Website DeviantART

Merlin How It Should Have Ended

Hey Everyone!

So As I Promised, Here Is A Merlin Fiction To Get Over My Feels For The End Of The Show.

Here is the first chapter. I'm Happy with it!!! Finally!!

 P.S As Always these pictures are not mine but from amazing talented people from DeviantART

Summery: Merlin comes back with his King and Gwaine, but this life must come with a price. Merlin knows this all he has asked is for is time. Time so that he can make sure Arthur is safe. But as the time draws to a close Merlin must say goodbye to Arthur and Arthur must let him go.

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Chapter 1

Gwen watched as her husband rode through the castle walls, followed closely by none other than Merlin and Gwaine. A roar rang through the castle, making Gwen smile. The sound was one Gwen now recognized as Perivale’s. They were alive, her mind kept screaming at her. They had been gone for so long, she thought them dead, these thoughts kept her busy as she sprinted down the halls, not for the first time cursing her dress length as it trailed along the floor, and was certainly not meant for running in. As the double doors leading to the courtyard burst open and Percival and the other Knights of the Round Table came and joined her they greeted the long lost king. She ran down the stone steps and flung her arms around her husband as he swung off his horse. She was enveloped in his arms and she sobbed into his chest. When she could finally make a sentence she gasped,’ your alive! Thank god your alive!’
The king turned to his best friend and his eyes sparkled, ‘Its all thanks to Merlin.’
‘I knew he would save you, his gifts wouldn’t allow him not to.’ she beamed at him, but Merlin looked dumbstruck as Arthur cried “You knew?”
‘She guessed,’ Gaius said finally joining the party who were welcoming the survivors.  
Percival checked Gwaine over thoroughly.
“Your okay? I thought Morgana had….” He trailed off remembering the sound of his friend’s screams.
‘Merlin helped me.’ All of the knights looked at one another, and Arthur said slowly, ‘Merlin, you know you are going to have to tell them sometime.’ Merlin looked at his King and nodded, but still he hadn’t said a word. “Are you alright?”
Merlin nodded again with more force and swallowed, saying, “I’m just tired.”
“Merlin you’re going to have to tell me everything that happened, but first bed.” Merlin looked at his mentor and relief and gratitude filed his eyes. Arthur saw this and understood immediately.
“Right, Merlin your going with Gaius and come and join us in the great hall when your ready, I’ve got a few changes to make and I need you to be there.”

Merlin sat there on his horse letting the fact that he had safely returned Arthur and Gwaine back home. He couldn’t seem to muster the energy to swing his legs off the horse and join the others. He knew he should be putting the horses away, but Arthur had already given them to another servant who was patiently waiting for Merlin’s mare. Arthur wanted changes and he knew what they were. Arthur had accepted magic, and more importantly accepted him for who he really was Emyrus, the greatest Warlock in Albion. He was happy, ecstatic even, his destiny was fulfilled he hadn’t failed Arthur. However the weight of the sacrifice given to bring back the lives of his two best friends from the brink of death had exhausted him, and the shadow of the ice cold voice still lingered in Merlin’s head.
He felt a tug on his hand as Gwaine tried to get his attention, the rest of the knights were staring at him as well, “Huh?” he asked stupidly.
The king smiled cheekily at him, “You coming, idiot?”
Merlin finally pulled himself together and leapt off the horse. He steadied himself on Gwaine’s resurging arm, which was wrapped securely around his waist. He gave his friend a thankful smile and started forward with the rest. That’s when it happened, his vision tunneled and a blood rushed to his ears, his knees gave out and he crumpled to the floor.

Arthur had been watching Merlin carefully, ever since he had pored more magic from himself, reviving Gwaine. It had been beautiful and mysterious, but Merlin had been tired and Arthur had seen his best friend become paler as they had rode back to the citadel. However his worries had fled as his arms were wrapped around his wife and Merlin’s mentor had come on to the scene, there was nothing Gaius couldn’t fix. Merlin would become his advisor and be rewarded for the loyalty and friendship he had given Arthur over the last ten years. As he watched Merlin swing of his horse and into Gwaine’s awaiting arms he turned and followed his wife until he heard the unmistakable sounds of someone collapsing. He was instantly at Merlin’s side calling his name as the colour drained from Gwaine’s face. They locked eyes over Merlin’s still form and Arthur saw that he had just come to the same conclusion he had.

Merlin heard the whispers from far away.
“Something is wrong.” He instantly recognised the tight worry in the man’s voice it was Gwaine.
“Gaius just said he was tiered, he used a lot of magic to bring us back.”
“Arthur, Merlin barely said a word when we rode back to Camelot. Are you sure there wasn’t a price to pay for bring people back from the edge of death? I believe you heard the voice just like I did.” Gwaine said angrily.
There was silence for a long time as both realised that maybe there was more secrets Merlin had kept from them. The man listening finally felt himself slip back into consciousness just as Arthur whispered, “You know I’ll always look after him, I always have, and this won’t change anything. In fact making him courts sorcerer was no he never left my side.”
A snort came from Gwaine, “you mean he has always looked after you?”
“It’s my time to look after him, we know now everything he has done for me, for you and for the kingdom. Now it’s our turn to make Merlin feel safe. Gwaine there is no one left Morgana’s gone, were at peace, Albion is united.”

Arthur strongly believed that peace had descended. He had quickly met with the round table, not wanting to leave Merlin’s side for too long, incase he woke to find his friend not next to him. Merlin hadn’t woken for nearly three days and worry was starting to seep into Arthur. He could feel it emanating from Gwaine as they watched their friend sleep, breathing evenly under the mountain of blankets Gwen had provided for him. Gaius said that he was just tired, and needed rest, however the question that kept ringing in his head was what the cold voice had meant. It had whispered and he had heard as he floating in the darkness. I give them life, but all given life must come with a price. And the price must be paid young warlock.
 Arthur had come back to consciousness with a start to find Merlin sobbing. He had soothed his best friend and that’s when Arthur had seen Gwaine’s still form in the clearing with them. Merlin had used magic to heal him, but he was so pale as he staggered to his horse to ride back to Camelot. Arthur and Gwaine had felt fine, great in fact, the soreness had vanished and he felt refreshed and alive. They had kept riding; Arthur wanted to see his kingdom and more importantly his wife. He hadn’t noticed his best friend exhausted body struggling to stay on the saddle. He sighed feeling once again like the selfish prince who had first met Merlin all those years ago. Then Merlin stirred and Arthur was thrown back to the presence as Gwaine bounded to the edge of the bed with Arthur close at his heels.

Merlin opened his eyes. His vision was blurry and his body felt heavy. The first thing that he realised was that the room was not his own. It was far too grand and the four-poster bed he lay in was beautiful. The second thing he saw were his best friends peering down at him, worry etched on their faces.
“Are you okay?” He crocked barley able to get past the dryness in his throat; he coughed and gasped in pain. Arthur was instantly at his side soothing him.
“What’s wrong?” he asked agitated. Merlin hid the pain well; he had learnt how to since the moment he had become Arthur’s protector. So he smiled and asked for water. He knew what he was doing when he had given his life to his King and his best friend. He had asked for time, time to make sure that there were no more threats to Arthur, that he and his queen were truly safe. But with this time came pain, the sacrifice would not be quick, but drawn out. Merlin knew he was willing to give anything just for sometime with his King, but Arthur couldn’t know, couldn’t be told until the last moment. The truth would crush him, and no one hurt his King, especially not Merlin, he was the savior and the comforter, not the other way around and Merlin would make sure of that. So as the glass of water was pressed to his lips and he looked into his King’s eyes and saw the worry still rooted there, he swore to himself that he would take that away no matter what the price was.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Two Thrones

I Had this really strange idea about what would happen if a King had twin sons, who would be the King next? And so this story was born. So far this story is called 'Two Thrones." but it seems to cliche so it may change. I'm going to try and post a chapter each week and see where this story goes.

Here is a link to it on Goodreads:

Hope you enjoy it

P.S The Picture is Tony. I think he suits the part
but whats important is what do you thing plz tell.


Arthur stepped into the pulsating club just as the new song ‘cracks’ came through the thumping speakers. Arthur smirked as a group of friends called to him, and a few girls turned to stare. He had a good body and he knew it also why wouldn’t they stare? He was the next heir to the thrown, or one of them at least.
As he stepped on to the dance floor sexy women instantly surrounded him as they pressed themselves against his body. He grinned wickedly as the alcohol buzzed through his blood stream and his senses began to dull. He danced fluidly to the heavy beat of the music as he watched the girls around him. They didn’t know him, they didn’t care about him just the crown on his head, but for now that was enough. He closed his eyes as the heavy bass of the music carried him away as colours explode behind his eyelids, and he fell into the oblivion he had been craving. 

Arthur woke to the bright sunlight streaming through a window, which illuminated the bed. When he moved he realised a girl laid on his chest her hair ticking him as she slept.
Shit he thought to himself not again.
He gently removed himself from her sleeping form and gathered his clothes, which were scattered hastily around the room. As he headed for her bathroom he rummaged for his phone, which was in his jean pocket.
‘Arthur, where are you?’
‘I’m not really sure?’
‘Are you kidding? Oh my God, Arthur this has got to stop. You can’t keep doing this. Do you even know this girl?’ 
‘No, Sammy cant you just come and get me, I left my car somewhere.’
‘Of course you did,’ and Arthur could hear the eye roll through the phone. ‘Okay I’m coming I got her address when you were to out of it to even look at me straight.’
‘And that’s why you’re my best friend.’
‘Your stupid best friend who doesn’t know why he helps you.’
‘Your all I have Sammy.’
There was a pause when Sam said gruffly ‘we both know that’s not true. I’ll be there in ten.’ And the phone went silent.

After gathering his items, which seemed to have spread themselves all over her luxurious apartment in the sky. Even though the apartment was beautiful he couldn’t wait to leave and was almost grateful for the fact that he could not remember the night. It would have meant a lot of fake orgasmic noises while she ground herself up against him… fun. Arthur sighed heavily and thought not for the first time what the hell am I doing?
He found himself weaving down the unknown street in London. It was the height of summer and the sky was blue. So blue it seemed to stretch on for miles over the tops of houses.
It was early and the street Arthur found himself lazily walking down was practically empty. The sound of a small bell and a boy’s laugh made Arthur stop and look across the road to a small café. The boy, a beautiful boy, was laughing at an old lady who had ordered a coffee.  Arthur felt a tug as though déjà vu had come into play; his feet made him cross the road towards the café. He had to here the boy’s voice had to know if it was him?  
His hand was pushing and the bell rang before he realised what he was doing. The boy looked up and Arthur froze, those eyes. Green eyes, emerald green, his eyes swept over the boy, his mind screamed at him.
‘Sorry can I help you?’ The boy asked.
Arthur pulled himself together enough to splutter out the words ‘A black coffee would be great, thanks.’
He sat himself down on one of the white covered round tables as he watched the boy bustle around behind the counter making the coffee.
I know him, his mind whispered to him quietly we’ve met before, I know we have.
As the steaming liquid was placed in front of him he looked up into those startling green eyes. The boy was about to leave when he hesitated glancing back at Arthur, he knows… wait no, he knows me because I’m next in line to the throne. He just wants your autograph.
‘Have we met before?’ The boy asked hesitantly. ‘We have!’ He said sitting down opposite Arthur ‘at Ron’s, was it?’
Arthur grabbed the opportunity, ‘Yes of course it was Ron’s party; I knew I had seen you somewhere. I cant remember you name though, sorry.’
‘I know it was wild wasn’t it?’ Arthur nodded hoping he would never have to meet Ron.
‘My names Tony, its great to properly meet you.’ Tony stuck his hand out across the table and Arthur grabbed it replying, ‘I’m Arthur, and like wise.’
They grinned at each other across the table, and both talked about unimportant things until Arthurs phone buzzed in his pocket and the sun was high in the sky. 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

We all need a little Merthur in our Lives don't we?

I know this post in late but I haven't had a chance to put into words how I felt about the end of Merlin.

This ending, I felt, ruined christmas for me, I was devastated with Arthur's death. I always thought Merlin would be the one to protect him but they had to stay with the legend I guess. However the second time i watched it (and properly because i was expecting this time,) i didn't think it was too devastatingly awful.

My friend showed me this amazing recincarnation FanFiction, and i don't really like that idea, but this was brilliant. Its called 'The Student Prince,' by FayJay and she is brilliant  I want to be able to write like that. Which is hopefully what I'll learn when I go to uni. 

Anyway what I really wanted to ask was how did everyone feel about the end? And could it have gone away from the legend like I expected it too. But maybe i just wanted to see more Bromance between Merlin and Arthur. 

I'll hopefully write to FayJay and ask if I can do a Fanfiction off her 'The Student Prince.' 

Thanks Guys 

MAY xxxxx