Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fix You

More Merthur 

I know more merthur, but I was watching this video (at the bottom) and I couldn't help it I had to write something. And maybe just maybe oneday my obsession with Merlin will fade away, but I secretly hope not =D 

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Fix You 

I lost everything that day. Even now the image of his face still is imprinted on my eyelid when they close. I need him, and I still believe he needs me. When I lost him I felt empty, no that’s not right, I still feel hollow, empty, lost even. I have nothing anymore, but I tried, I tried so hard. Yet sometimes there is no happy ever after and people fail. I failed.

It haunts me. When I found out that Gwaine didn’t make it through the battle we had all be fighting for two long, I think the last string that was holding me together snapped. I left that night, after I told Gwen the truth. I will never go back there, I’m too much of a coward to stroll around the castle pretending everything is okay, when I’ve lost the one thing that I truly loved.

 Yes, I loved my king more than anyone or anything. He was my King and I was his lion heart, I would have done anything for him. And do you want to know the thought that seems to kill me more each day? It’s that I promised, I promised I would protect him or die at his side, but I neither protected him, or died by him.  Destiny cursed me with the gift of immortality, as I had to watch everyone and everything I knew disappear and change before my eyes. The pain still haunts me all these years later, that I failed, I let my king die.  Again i have tried to return to him, but every time I think I’ve done it, I’ve succeeded in seeing the final light and the end of the darkness, I find myself back in my old bruised body. Destiny tortures me further for my mistakes by shoving me back on the edge of the lake where I lost him. Where I let his body drift with the rest of them, the ones I was unable to protect. The lake where everything fell to pieces, lake Albion.  

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